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Group Exercise for the Active Adult:

1 hour
Senior woman exercising

Are you an Activities Director looking to enhance your program? The participants of some of our group classes age from 60 to 100! 


We provide group classes at many retirement and assisted living communities in Maryland.


Classes are typically held 1-2 times each week in a fun, energetic, and social atmosphere. We use resistive bands, light weights, balls and other equipment. Exercises are done seated as well as standing and are designed according to the abilities of the participants. 


Group Exercise Classes are currently ongoing at two locations for Parkinson's disease clients. 




CONTACT US to arrange an appoitment to discuss how we can get your facility on board.

"Physical Therapy and an exercise plan are critical to our success in keeping various infirmities of Parkinson's disease under control. I find Gerri's exercise classes to be extremely useful and try to do them at various set times in the day, especially around meals and when watching TV."


S.J., Kensington class

"Dave Reynolds and his exercise professionals have been a part of Bedford Court's activity program since 2000. Although the participants have changed, they all agree onthe result of a great, well-rounded workout. Every class is filled with senior citizens who are looking forward to feeling"rejuvenated" due to selected and appropriate exercises.The seniors enjoy the instructors who are well trained and who add a little "spark" to each class. There are many stories to tell about Bedford Court residents who have had injuries or illness and have "come back" to living independently because of Dave's well rounded fitness program. Watch out Jack Lalane! You have people surpassing your fitness ability every day at Bedford Court!"


Nancy Whipple, Director of Recreation at Bedford Court

Independent Living Center in Silver Spring, MD

From the Evergreen Class:


"The exercise class has been a tremendous help to me both mentally and physically. The instructor takes us through some rigorous exercises which really limbers up my body and she also has a beautiful attitude and personality."


Barbara Brent


"It seems as if we get more sedentary as we get older. This is bad for our bones because many of us get arthritis which causes pain in our joints. We also seem to walk less, however, exercise helps us. It increases our heart rate and makes us feel less stressed and tired. It also decreases depression. Our instructor Jeannine, motivates us and encourages us to exercise more. She explains how the body works and praises us on when we do well."


M.F. Smith

From the Woodside Village Class:


"These exercise experiences have helped me limber up and keep in shape."

Dorothy Hooker


"I enjoy the exercises and they keep my muscles strong and flexible and helps my aches and pains."

Berline Brooks


"We have an excellent caring exercise leader in the person of Margaret Arnold."

Lucy Travers

From the Vistas Exercise Class:


"Keeping healthy is one of the nicest things we can do for ourselves. Exercise helps usto accomplish our goal to stay fit and healthy. When we finish the class, we feel like new people. Ms. Arnold has taught us which exercises are the most beneficial and how to exercise on our own - safely."


Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Dancy, Mrs. Benjamin, Mrs. Campbell,

Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Moore

Tap into the fountain of health.

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