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For the Family:

Family exercising together
For 2-3 people together

Are you the parent/guardian of a child who needs a little "push" to move more? The national obesity rate for children continues to rise. Do not allow your child to be part of this statistic.


WE CAN HELP! Through Dave Reynolds and Associates, LLC, we can guide you to begin a safe exercise program. Please share this site with your children and remember: FITNESS CAN BE A FAMILY AFFAIR - GET EVERYONE MOVING!



We would like to help you feel better about yourselves and keep up with the other kids. Getting fit is easier than you think...and it does not have to hurt! Fitness is for everyone, and even while you're watching your favorite T.V. show, or listening to your favorite CD, you can be stretching and helping your body. Below is a list of 10 Fun Activities ways to stay fit and have fun. Want more ideas? Give us a call!!



  • Throw a ball outside to a friend

  • Jump rope

  • Play hopscotch

  • Run races against others or yourself

  • Play hide and seek

  • Make your own obstacle course

  • Ride your bicycle and make sure you wear your helmet!

  • Throw a Frisbee around

  • Take a walk with a friend

  • Help out your parents with the yard work

Tap into the fountain of health.

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