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For Postural Alignment:


Individual Exercise Session
1 hour
30 minutes

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Woman doing yoga

"I was a fairly athletic and active person my entire life. Ten years ago, I partially tore an ACL in my knee while playing basketball. Surgery was not recommended and physical therapy helped get me back on my feet, but the weakness never went away. What I now realize is that my body compensated for the injury in ways that changed my postural alignment.


In July 2007, I started working with Dave Reynolds and his wife Cindy Kardeman, a physical therapist. At age 49, my knees and feet felt like I was 89! I couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes without feeling pain, and I would avoid even short walks for the same reason. Neither podiatrists nor orthopedists had an answer for me that worked.

I met with Dave and Cindy for an in-depth analysis of my body structure. They developed an exercise program for me employing the Egoscue Method for which Dave is certified.



The Egoscue Method is a postural therapy program that uses stretching and low impact exercises designed to help your body function better.

After one hour of working with Dave, I began to notice changes in how my body felt. I was committed to the daily "menu" of exercises that Dave gave me and diligently followed his routine at home. The first weekend after starting the program with Dave was GREAT! I must have walked over 2 miles with limited pain which was mind bogglmg to me. I couldn't believe that such a simple program tailored to my exact needs could have such a dramatic effect on how I felt.


I have continued working with Dave - not only to get my body aligned, but to get stronger, too. The change in how I felt before I met Dave and how I feel now that I have made the Egoscue Method a part of my life IS MIRACULOUS!"


Tap into the fountain of health.

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