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Postural Alignment - Egoscue Postural Evaluation:

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  • Bodies were designed for motion and the Egoscue Method is one of the best ways to bring your body posture back to balance - thus returning your body to proper function.


  • The Egoscue Method is a system designed to first assess an individual's basic structural alignment and then develop an individualized  program of exercises "e-cises" to correct any imbalances resulting from injury or general use and/or misuse of muscles over the years.


  • The Method is named for Pete Egoscue, who was badly injured as a Marine Corps infantryman more than 30 years ago. His journey thru rehabilitation and search for pain relief led him to develop this system. The Egoscue Method is considered the world leader in non-medical pain relief and the philosophy of "Your design isn't flawed, your posture is".


  • The body requires a healthy alignment of its parts from head to shoulders, to pelvis to knees, to ankles to feet. Your posture from all sides should line up properly. Muscula imbalances cause joint misalignments which leads to pain, poor mobility, more pain and weakness. This cycle will continue unless there is a plan to correct it. Restoring the physical, mental, and emotional exercises geared to guide your body towards better health.

What Makes the Egoscue Method 
So Unique?

"I decided to try the Egoscue Method in October 2012 as a last resort. I had seen how positively my very sick husband had responded to it and I felt I had nothing to lose. In addition to having scoliosis and lumbar stenosis, I also had a failed knee replacement surgery, was taking daily pain meds and was physically limited. I started my exercises slowly and gently, and with Dave's supervision, gradually made advances in my physical capabilities. 

I am now able to pick something up off the floor, walk through a store without a cart for support, step off the curb, open bottles and jars with ease, and best of all I am no longer taking the daily pain meds. All exercises are done in my home, many on the floor, with a modicum of equipment which packs easily when I travel."

- M.S., 79 years young

Dave Reynolds is Certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist by Egoscue University and the Egoscue Clinic in California - the educational system developed to provide a training process to implement and apply the Egoscue Method.


For an evaluation or more information, CONTACT Dave Reynolds today.


CLICK HERE for more info and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Egoscue Method.

"Thank you for guiding me in my pursuit of fitness training for the past 11 months. This journey has been an eye opening and memorable experience for me.  I am impressed in how efficient the Egoscue Method has been for me and how much I've benefited, both physically and mentally.

Early on in the training, I noticed a sustainable and improved level of energy throughout the day and a complete disappearance of nocturnal leg cramps which had been in part responsible for my insomnia.

This measured tangible gain could not have happened without your meticulous attention to details, keen ability to identify muscle weakness, endless patience to my questions, and most of all your passion for what you do and what you believe in. 


Tap into the fountain of health.

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