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Exercise DVD
"Your Body is Meant to Move" DVD

Our first DVD for Seniors or beginner exercisers. Every exercise is low impact using mostly seated chair exercises for a total body workout.

Each video comes with your choice of resistence band. Extra bands may be purchased.

Exercise DVD
"Moving Right Along" DVD

Our second DVD in the series. This DVD builds on our beginners training in "Your Body is Meant to Move." Get ready to challenge your balance, strength, posture while standing and moving in your own home using low weights and resistance bands.



DOWNLOAD THE ORDER FORM and return it with your check payable to:


Dave Reynolds and Associates, LLC

2100 Edgewater Parkway

Silver Spring, MD 20903


$20.00 charge for returned checks.


Please allow 7 days for shipping.

Endorsed by Dr. Andrew V. Panagos, Chair, Physical Medicine Department, Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD


“I recommend exercise to most of my patients and these DVDs fit the bill... PERFECTLY!  They are safe and easy to follow exercise programs which can be done in the comfort of your home with little equipment and at a very reasonable cost." 

Order Online - Simple & Quick!

  • One DVD is $24.99 and comes with a FREE exercise resistance band (latex free).

  • Please choose your band resistance.

  • Shipping & Handling: $4.99 for one DVD.

  • Any combination of DVDs are $44.99 and comes with two FREE exercise resistance bands (latex free).

  • Please choose your DVDs and your resistance bands.

  • Shipping & Handling: $5.99 for two DVDs.


Please CONTACT US for discounted rate.



Additional bands are $5.00 each.

Please specify resistance.


4 or more resistence bands,

please CONTACT US for discounted rate.

I definitely recommend these exercise DVDs for older adults. They are easy to follow and reinforces the need to stay flexible, active and strong.


- Susan Staples, Physical Therapist and

Geriatric Care Specialist

Tap into the fountain of health.

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